The new Product Portfolio of FACT24

With the FACT24 Release we are pleased to unveil our new FACT24 product line.

The FACT24 Integrated Solution

By combining FACT24 ENS (Emergency Notification System) with CIM (Crisis & Incident Management) we have established an integrated solution which offers a highly innovative software to support our customers worldwide. Customers are able to proactively manage any incident, emergency or crisis efficiently and easily alongside providing comprehensive alerting and secure communication.

Fig.: FACT24 Integrated solution

The FACT24 product line

Within the FACT24 integrated solution comes two products with three editions, each enabling additional capabilities with every extension. In the email from the 29th of June we already revealed what the edition changes offers each of our customer.

The following figure illustrates the new FACT24 product line and the renaming of the editions.

Fig: Overview of the new FACT24 product line

New product logo and edition

For a consistent and integrated view on all FACT24 applications FACT24 ENS has been rebranded:

  • The exchanged product logo - FACT24 ENS - can be seen at the top left in the corner.
  • The name of the edition will be viewable in the lower right corner within your FACT24 ENS account.

Fig.: Change of product logo and the product edition

The App Switch and Collaboration Dashboards
Additional update for the edition: FACT24 CIM starter (previously: FACT24 ultimate PLUS)

With the App Switch it is easy to switch from your FACT24 ENS account to the Collaboration Dashboards, which is formally known as Crisis Management Tool. Also within the Collaboration Dashboards it is possible to switch easy to FACT24 ENS.

Furthermore, as the figure below shows, it will also be possible to access FACT24 CIM via the App Switch within FACT24 ENS and via the Collaboration Dashboards in the future.

Fig.: App Switch in FACT24 ENS, in FACT24 CIM and Collaboration Dashboards

FACT24 CIM starter will be available for all FACT24 ultimate PLUS users between July and October 2020. Please get in touch with your F24 contact person to get access to FACT24 CIM starter.

All persons and users will be automatically synchronised from FACT24 to CIM.
For more detailed information about our new products and editions, you can visit our product website.

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