New version of SOAP interface (version 1.6)

New version of SOAP interface (version 1.6)

We will be introducing a new version of SOAP interface (version 1.6). With this release we will provide a significant extension of the existing functionality available with SOAP 1.5.

What are the goals of this release?

FACT24 ENS v2 provides a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface for exchanging information between ENS and other systems. With ENS version v2.29.0.0 we publish the SOAP 1.6 interface, which provides a significant extension of the existing functionality available with SOAP 1.5.

Which users will benefit from the release?

Those accounts who use the SOAP interface of FACT24 ENS and reached its limit. These are typically the large and complex enterprises.

New SOAP features

Alarm Activation

  • add location-based groups during alarm activation
  • activate an alarm with a temporary qualification group
  • define the scope of the qualification group
  • activate an alarm with temporary qualification group even in ENS read-only modus
  • can open a room with an initial room message when activating an alarm
  • when activating an alarm with a variable message via Soap a default language can be set
  • in the Soap Activation API the alarm is always shown with the correct report type in particular if the type is alphanumeric
  • activation of the alarm when supplying variable message text for all returned language
  • stopping the running Alarm via SOAP

Method to return languages

  • calling the Soap Request will return all languages assigned to persons in the enterprise
  • calling the Soap Request will return all languages of an alarm for which a variable message must be defined

Pagination for many of the list entities

possible to get all

  • notifiable persons
  • notified persons in a group
  • notified persons in a activated alarm
  • all activatable alarms
  • all active groups as a paged result

possibility to define

  • offset
  • limit
  • ordering method (either by number or name, ascending or descending)

Notifiable Persons

  • the person object will only include information relevant to alarm activation e.g., language, devices. Irrelevant information like qualification values won't be returned.

Global Groups

  • define and update the list of persons which are assigned to a Global Group
  • get the list of person numbers assigned to a Global Group

Detailed e-mail status

  • the Email notification status will be displayed correctly

Alarm Configuration

  • define a Trustcase room for an alarm
  • update or remove Trustcase room configuration for an alarm
  • create a Case in FACT24 CIM when you activate an Alarm
  • assign Location Based Group to an alarm
  • ability to set the confirmation input of an alarm to alpha numeric

Group Configuration

  • create or update location-based groups
  • get the names of all existing global groups

Person configuration

  • configure the access right of persons involved into new FACT24 Case Manager (no access, read, read/write)
  • ability to update the location and the access mode for room of a person

Organisation configuration

  • create, update, delete organisational units
  • get a paged list of organisational units

Location configuration

  • create/update locations
  • retrieve locations by name

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