New functionalities through FACT24 ENS Release


Release adds new functions for FACT24 ENS, which we describe below. 

These changes affect all administrators.  

1. Longer names for alarms and groups made possible 

The maximum number of characters for alarm and group names has been increased. This allows you to name your alarms and groups even more specifically and distinguish them better, if needed. 

Here is a comparison of the new and old character limits: 


Character limit before  

Character limit after 








2. Graphical alarm configuration  

This change is only relevant if the Graphical Alarm Activation feature is enabled for your account.

The graphical alarm configuration allows you to add images to alarms to make it even easier to distinguish and activate alarms in crisis situations. The editing mode for creating new graphical alarms can be found under Setup >> Alarm graphics configuration.  

At the URL activation you have the overview of all graphical alarms and can activate them.  

As a result of release, alarms that cannot be activated are now also displayed in gray.