How do I know how many characters my SMS has?

When you create a message for an alarm, the “Message text for SMS” field displays the character count for your SMS and the number of message parts it is split into for sending. An SMS can have 160 characters. From 161 characters, a further SMS must be started. This can be indicated as follows: Characters: 161/1500 Parts: 2/10 

  • Enter your SMS text in the Message text for SMS field. Every character you enter is counted. You can enter a maximum of 1500 characters. The bottom right of the field shows the number of characters you have already entered and the number of SMS (number of parts) in which your message will be sent.
NOTE: Emojis and any symbols that are displayed correctly count as one character each. When you insert a link, the system automatically calculates all characters in the linked text.

Fig.: SMS (character and parts counter)

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