How do I create a person?

"Persons" is the term used in FACT24 for individuals who are notified during an active FACT24 alarm

It is recommended that the persons to be notified are created before an alarm is configured.

To improve availability in an emergency, each person should be assigned a minimum of two devices – e.g. an e-mail device and a telephone device.

Instructions for creating a person:

To create and manage new persons in FACT24, go to Administration -> Persons in the menu.

Now click on "New person".

  1. Basic configuration opens automatically

Complete the fields.


This number is used to identify the person. A new number can also be assigned.

Name 1

Enter the first part of the person’s name (e.g. last name).

Name 2

Enter the second part of the person’s name (e.g. first name).


Enter the language to be used for contacting the person.


Additional information for internal purposes.


Any further details or descriptions.


Persons designated as inactive are not notified in the event of an alarm.

  1. Optional Click "Further settings" for more options

Telephone standby management

(Default: no)

Define whether a person can independently log in and out of standby.

If "Yes > Automatic logout": define the period after which the person is automatically logged out after standby.

Planned absence

Click the plus sign to define a period in which the person is not notified during an alarm.

Data manager for other persons

A person can act as a data manager for other persons and take over their contact data management duties on their behalf as their deputy.

Contact data management by

Contact data management as a data management process can be performed by persons themselves or by their deputies, known as “data managers”.


Select the person’s location. The location must first be defined in Enterprise -> Locations.

Access right in rooms

Persons with “normal read/edit access” or “administrator access” can be invited to join a communication room.

  1. In step 3, click "Assign" to select at least two devices to be assigned to the person you are creating. Then add the person’s telephone number / e-mail address in the appropriate field.
  2. Click "Assign" again to select the group to which the person will be assigned
Persons must be assigned to groups in order to be included in alarm notification.
  1. In the fifth and final step, one or more qualifications can be assigned to the person:
  • First, create at least one qualification by going to Enterprise -Qualifications. If you have already created qualifications, click "Assign" and select one or more qualifications.

Important note:

After completing your data modifications, run a data export (icon at top right).

Only when data export is completed will your data be available on the alarm servers for use in alarm activation.

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