Previous releases Collaboration Dashboard (FACT24 ultimate PLUS)

Release 2.0.0

(available since 25th of May 2020)

With the FACT24 ONE Login you will be able to use your FACT24 login data (username and password) to log into the Collaboration Dashboard! We have simplified the login process so that you can now access all your FACT24 applications quickly and easily using a single login.

Release 1.6.6

  • You can now access FACT24 using the Collaboration Dashboard. Find out more details here.
  • Click here to find out how to quickly start an alarm that has already been set up in FACT24.
  • The left menu area has been optimized to improve usability. Now you can mouse over the individual icons to display a tool tip explaining the icon’s function.


Release 1.6.4

  • You can now protect configured dashboards by locking widgets. Find out more details here.

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