How do I create a static group?

Once created, a static group can be assigned to an alarm.

A FACT24 alarm can only be assigned to groups, not individuals. Because of this, persons to be alerted by a FACT24 alarm must first be assigned to groups as a standard procedure.

Instructions for creating a static group:

To add and manage new groups in FACT24, go to Administration -> Groups in the menu. You can select from various groups.

Click "New static group".

Fig. Steps in creating a static group

  1. Define the basic settings for your group in "Basic configuration" by completing the fields.


This number is used to identify the group.


Give the group a unique name.

Number of people to be reached (standard: all)

Define the number of persons from this group who must be notified in an alarm.


Define whether persons from this group should be invited to take part in a telephone conference. If a telephone conference is necessary, the alarm in question must be configured as a conference alarm.

Active (default: yes)

If you leave the default Active -> Yes setting in place, in the event of an alarm the group is included in a telephone conference.

  1. In step 2, you can add persons to the group by clicking "Assign". A dropdown list of persons opens. Select the persons you wish to add, then click "Assign".
  2. In step 3, click "Assign" to select the alarm you wish to assign to this group. Confirm by clicking "Assign".
  3. In the fourth and final step, you can add a shift plan.
  • To do this, first go to Setup -> Shift times to create a shift plan. If you have already created a shift plan, click “New shift” and assign the shift plan to individual persons in the group for a specific period.

Important note:

After completing your data modifications, run a data export (icon at top right). Only when data export is completed will your data be available on the alarm servers for use in alarm activation.

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