How do I register?

After downloading the TrustCase app, the following steps are necessary for registration:

  1. Enter mobile number

Open the app and register with your mobile number (the country code is automatically displayed in the first field, e.g. +33 / depending on the region set on the smartphone).

In the second field, enter your mobile number without spaces (e.g. 172123456).

Fig : Enter your phone number in TrustCase

  1. Receive registration code

Immediately after requesting the registration code you will receive it via SMS. For security reasons, the six-digit registration code is only valid for 10 minutes. Please check in advance in the settings of your smartphone that you can receive messages from unknown senders.

Fig: Enter the registration code

  1. Enter registration code

Enter the registration code you received in the space provided.

Fig: Successful registration with TrustCase

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