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Case Manager


Case Manager connects users and participants in dedicated chat-rooms, where information can be shared between both internal users and contacts and the possibility to interact with external users. Case Manager can be used as a communication platform both for the active incident and information exchange on a more generic level between users with common interests, responsibilities and tasks.

The Case Manager is located in the system bar and you can access it by clicking on .

It can also be found under the Menu item  Boards .

The module is built up by three workspaces:

  • To the left: Add new case, define categories and a list view of all active cases.
  • In the middle: The chat-room window where you can see all messages in the selected case. Send messages and attachments, and filter the viewing based on log categories.
  • To the right: View and add participants to the case. A list view of the attachments (files and images) is also located here.

Add new case

In the left column, click  at the top of the workspace. A slide in window will appear on the right. Perform these actions:

  1. Fill out the name for this case in the first free text field.
  2. Check the Connect case to incident-box if this case only should be available for the active incident and those with accesss to it. If you leave this box unchecked, the case will not be connected to the incident, but will be available for all participants.
  3. Check the Log Case Automatically-box to send all the messages sent in this chat to the Running Log.
  4. Levels: Check the boxes for the levels (Strategic, Tactical, Operational) that will have access to this case. You can choose one or more.
  5. Click  Add participants to add users from your contact list. You can only choose users from with your organisation/scope. Select the ones you want, and then click OK.
  6. Click OK to create the new case based on your settings.

Invite external participants

When you create a case it is only possible to add internal users. When the case is created, you can go to the right hand panel to invite more internal users or external participants.

  1. Click  next to the Participants header, at the top of the list of the existing participants.
  2. Fill out the free text fields Firstname, Lastname and E-mail. This participant will now get an e-mail with a link to this case, and will be able to send and receive messages and attachments.
  3. Click OK to finalize the add.

The Case list view

The left panel of the Case Manager consist of a list view of all the active cases. The view is split in two:

  • Selected incident: Views all the cases that are connected to the active incident. The number of active cases is shown in behind the header.
  • Not Connected to the Incident: Views all the cases that are created outside of any incident.

The Case detail view

Click  or the header of the case in the list view in the left panel on Case Manager to view the details about the selected Case. These are the details available:

  • Created by: The role and the name of the creator of the case.
  • Created: Date and time for when the case was first registered.
  • Incident: The ID and the name of the incident this case is connected to.
  • Levels: Shows which levels who can access this case (Strategic, Tactical, Operational).

Case preferences

For each case in the list view, you can access the preferences for the desired case by clicking  to the right of the case name header. Here you can take the following actions:

  • Edit: Edit all the options for this case, except from the connection to the case incident, which can't be changed.
  • Delete: Delete the case. This can not be revived.
  • Close: Close the case. This can be opened again if needed by clicking  in the header and then choose View closed cases.. Find the desired case in the list view of deleted cases and click  and then Open. The case will be back in the list view of open cases.
  • Export: Export the messages as a PDF-file. It will be downloaded to your computer as a .zip-file. Mark the checkbox for attachments to export those to a folder, which can be found in the same zip-file.

The message window

In the main window in the middle of the Case Manager workspace you will find the messages from all participants with name, date/time and log category for each entry. You can filter the messages on log categories set by the administrator, and you can attach files and images.

Function bar

The top bar at the window shows the case name at the upper left, and if the case has logging activated you will see this ( next to it.

At the top right corner you can access these two functions:

  •  Search : A simple search. All matches will be shown in the message window. Click  to close the search.
  •  Download : Export the messages and the attachments to a zip file. The messages will be exported to a PDF-file, and the attachments to a folder.

Filter case

All participants can filter the viewing of the messages sent. These filters are located right under the function bar under the tag Filter case. Click the desired filter - you can choose one or more. When active the background color will change to black. The messeage view window will only list those messages that is filed under chosen filter(s). Filters are selected by the participant when sending the message to the group.

Filters are defined by administrator, but as a default CIM Essential comes with these filters: Decision, Action Taken and Important info.

Send message

At the bottom of the middle panel, you can write messages and send to all participants.

  1. Write the text in the free text field.
  2. Choose a log category if wanted from the dropdown-list Choose. Participants can then choose to filter the messages based on this choice. The log categories are defined by the CIM Essential Administrator.
  3. Click  to add an attachment (file or image). Choose a file from the computer or from the File Archive in CIM Essential.
  4. Click or push ENTER to send the message.

Participants and attachments

On the panel to the right in the Case Manager you will find a list over existing participants for the active case in the list view. Next to the header the number of participants is shown. Click  to add/invite users/contacts from CIM or to add external participants.

Please note that only a maximum of 150 participants can be added to a case.

Under the header you will find a list over the participants of this case. When marked green it means that this user is logged on the system and active in this Case/Incident. If it is gray, it means that the user is logged off.

In the list of Attachments you will find a list view of the uploaded images and files connected to this case. Click on the image to view it in full version, and click the filename to download the file.

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