What rooms are available in FACT24? What is the difference between them?

When an alarm is activated in  FACT24, rooms can optionally be opened depending on needs and individual cases. Two types of rooms are available:

  1. Notification rooms
  2. Collaboration rooms


What is the difference between the two rooms?

Notification rooms (available in FACT24 ENS advanced, FACT24 CIM starter)

An alarm message (notification) can be received by a variety of devices.If FACT24 is used in combination with the TrustCase App (F24 push notification device) the notification is sent to a notification room in the app. Users working with the Collaboration Dashboards can view the notification room there.

The alerted persons can read the message and reply to it, e.g. by entering their arrival time. Persons cannot write in a notification room.

In FACT24, the room name can be assigned in the basic configuration of the alarm, in the box "Notification room". An appropriate name that fulfils all the alarm needs should be chosen for the alarm room.

If no room name is entered for the alarm, “FACT24“ is shown as the default name.

Fig.: Basic configuration for alarm, “Notification room”

Collaboration room (available in FACT24 CIM starter)

If you use FACT24 in combination with the TrustCase App (F24 push notification device) and the Collaboration Dashboards, you can open a collaboration room.You can access this collaboration room on a mobile device in the TrustCase App as well as in the Collaboration Dashboards.Persons involved in the alarm can use the room to exchange comments and documents.

The collaboration room is automatically named after the alarm.

Persons can be added to this room later, i.e. after the alarm has been activated.

Fig.: Further settings for alarm “collaboration room”

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