FACT24 CIM V.22.01 Release features

We are happy to announce improvements in our core functionalities with the following new features concerning FACT24 CIM, Case Manager and the FACT24 APP. To provide you with a better overview we have set up this article in our help portal to give you a detailed description of the updates with screenshots:

FACT24 CIM improvements

  1. Log: Administration of categories

Admins can now fully customize the log categories and configure whether they should apply to the Log or to the Media request.

the option Media request is only visible for FACT24 CIM advanced users.

Fig: Admin log administration of categories

  1. Taskmanager: Rejection of tasks

Assigned users can now reject a task, and we added a space to write a short text about the reasons for rejecting the task.

Fig: Rejection of tasks field

  1. Incident boards

To keep track of your incidents at all times, you can now create incident boards. These replace physical whiteboards in your crisis room, so you can now view important information at a glance from anywhere. The incident boards can be flexibly configured and adapted to your requirements.

Fig: Boards running log

  1. Add Action Card in incident

Now as a user with write access you are able to create action cards directly in the incident view on the fly.

Also, it is now possible to copy existing action cards directly to the library.

Fig: Action Cards in incident

Case Manager improvements

  1. New timestamp on log entry

When there are new conversations being posted, they will appear directly on top of the Log for better accessibility.

Fig: Running Log

  1. Newest event on top in running log

The sorting of Log entries was improved, now having always the newest entries on top.

Fig: Case Manager Running Log

  1. Notifications when mentioned

When mentioned with „@“ in the Case Manager, users can now receive an E-Mail notification. They can enable and disable this feature.

As a standard, notifications for mentioning are enabled.

Fig: Case Manager conversation Log and E-mail notification sample

FACT24 App

  1. Incident details available

We have now provided the Incident details in the mobile view/APP as well.

Fig: Incident details view in FACT24 App

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