Previous releases FACT24

FACT24 release

(available since 15th of September)

The release focuses on easier usage and improved clarity for alarm activation which is beneficial for companies with complex organisational structures.

Selection menu in the tree view

This new feature makes multi-accounts easier, with the extra tab: "Groups (or Persons) in system (tree view)" - the assignment of groups or persons during alarm activation. For companies with several Organisational units, the tree view provides a better overview when selecting groups or persons before alarm activation.

The group type can be seen in the selection menu

To clarify which group type is assigned to an alarm, the group type (static, qualification-based, location-based, reflexive) is displayed behind the group name in the group selection menu.

Changed authorisation for Role 8

FACT24 users with Role 8 have authorisation to activate alarms, but no analysis rights. However, users with this role were able to download the Collaboration room logs. In the course of the release, a new authorisation for the Collaboration room log download will be introduced. So downloading with Role 8 will no longer be possible.

Formatting of e-mail addresses of FACT24 persons

During our Experience Week and also in the last FACT24 ENS release, we have already presented the new FACT24 product portfolio. To ensure smooth migration to FACT24 CIM starter for users of the former edition FACT24 ultimate PLUS, FACT24 e-mail addresses of persons in FACT24 CIM starter are formatted as follows:

  • Spaces at the beginning and end of the e-mail address, before and after the @ sign, and before and after the period are removed.
  • Successive @ characters "@@" are replaced by a single one.
  • When using the format: <> everything outside the brackets is removed.
The e-mail addresses of FACT24 persons are, of course, still valid in FACT24. E-mail addresses are only adjusted for data synchronisation with FACT24 CIM according to validation rules to ensure secure notification across all systems.

FACT24 release

(available since 4th of July 2020)

The FACT24 Release focuses mainly on the announcement of the new FACT24 product portfolio. Moreover the Release includes the following new features to improve the user-friendliness in FACT24 ENS:

A useful extension for the FACT24 ENS online monitor: the prompt confirmation

  • The online monitor has got an extra column for an alarm-specific prompt confirmation message. This enables you to monitor alarm message confirmations and you will know what the actual confirmation is referring to. This is especially useful in cases where some individualised prompt confirmation messages are used, e.g. "Enter 1 if you are OK, enter 0 if you need help!". The prompt confirmation message is displayed per language and also visible in the alarm monitor report.

Configuration download: Qualifications are now sorted alphabetically

Delay next device

  • With the "Delay next device " function it is now possible to enter an amount of time (in sec) that are delayed until the next device is called. This delay can be applied to all device types (e-mail, telephone, SMS, FACT24 push notifications).
  • You can enter these time delays in the further settings of a device.
  • The default setting for a FACT24 push notification device is 30 seconds, but this can easily be changed under "Further Settings".The "Delay" feature is available from Edition FACT24 ENS advanced (formerly known as FACT24 premium).

FACT24 release

(available since 2nd of May 2020)

FACT24 Release is focused on simplified communication in the event of an emergency. With the new "Message template" function, a message can be prepared and defined as a template. If an alarm is activated later, this message can be customized at short notice.

FACT24 release

(available since 29th of February 2020)

FACT24 Release focuses on enhancing security and simplifying operation. To achieve this, this release features improved user-friendliness.

More transparency:

  • To boost transparency in alarm situations, the total number of all alerted persons and the number of alerted persons in groups is now shown in both the alarm monitor and the status report.
  • The plausibility check now only displays a warning at person level if the alerted persons include a person to whom only one device is assigned (the warning is no longer displayed additionally at alarm and group level).

Enhanced security:

  • When a user e-mail address is reset, verification of the new e-mail address now requires the user to confirm by clicking a link sent to the new e-mail address.
  • If an e-mail address which is already in use in the company is assigned to a user, a warning of the multiple use of the e-mail address is displayed.
  • When a password is reset the user must now enter the user name or user number before a link is sent to the e-mail address saved for that user.

Enhanced user-friendliness:

  • A selection menu now allows multiple devices to be assigned to persons quickjly and easily.
  • The input fields are now framed for easier identification.
  • In the new design, fields such as "Assign", "Back", "Cancel" etc. can be more clearly identified.
  • The loading process during the data export is displayed more modern and larger.
  • The plausibility status now has a sleeker and more modern design.

FACT24 release 2.19.0

(available since 28th of November 2019)

FACT24 release 2.19.0 includes the following new features to make working with the tool easier:

  • The status report can be downloaded during an alarm. It is divided into individual tabs. 
  • The plausibility status displays a warning e.g. during alarms if an alarm includes a group containing persons to whom less than one device is assigned.
  • When new groups are created the default setting for “Conference” in Basic configurations will be set to “Yes” in future.
  • If a configuration upload contains faulty data, the file containing the faulty data will not be emailed.
  • Enhanced user-friendliness:

FACT24 release 2.18.0

(available since 21st of October 2019)

  • FACT24 will soon be available in a new modern design! Want to see what the new layout will be like? Take a look at the attached PDF file.
  • The FACT24 help portal provides you also with all information to the new features announced in the e-mail (divided by each product):

We reported on 2-Way SMS in our last Admin News. You can find the information on this topic in our new FACT24 Help Portal here (under "FACT24").

This new FACT24 Help Portal is organised by product category and provides answers to many of your questions. The Portal is under construction and constantly being enriched. In future, there will be a direct link from FACT24 to the new Help Portal (via the info - i - ). Within the new FACT24 Help Portal you can search by content.

What’s new in the Collaboration Dashboards (FACT24 ultimate PLUS)?

Release 1.6.6

  • You can now access FACT24 using the Collaboration Dashboards. Find out more details here.
  • Click here to find out how to quickly start an alarm that has already been set up in FACT24.
  • The left menu area has been optimized to improve usability. Now you can mouse over the individual icons to display a tool tip explaining the icon’s function.


Release 1.6.4

  • You can now protect configured dashboards by locking widgets. Find out more details here.

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