How can I keep personal data up to date?

The data of persons saved in FACT24 must be kept up to date to ensure an alarm can be activated at any time. To ensure this, contact data for persons to be alerted should be regularly reviewed and updated.

FACT24 offers various options for this process:
  1. You can make changes manually for each individual person. However, this is time-consuming if a large number of persons is involved.
  2. Alternatively, you can perform a contact data management run and delegate the data updating process to the individual persons. All persons involved receive an e-mail showing their personal data and are requested to update their data by a specified date.
  3. The configuration upload function using Excel file format enables new persons to be added and persons to be edited or deleted (the latter two functions must be activated before use for security reasons).
  4. Automatic data synchronisation of your desired system based on Web Services API with FACT24 is included in the FACT24 CIM starter edition (and available for the FACT24 ENS advanced und essential editions for an additional charge). Programming of the interface to your system must be carried out by you or the provider of the system to be connected.
  5. FACT24 offers the option of uploading data in various file formats including CSV and XML via F24’s SFTP server. This feature is available as an optional extra for the FACT24 ENS essential, FACT24 ENS advanced and FACT24 CIM starter editions. This can also be set up as an automated process, depending on your usual method.
    Contact your F24 representative if you require either of the latter two options.

Do you want to know more about interfaces and connection options for data synchronisation with FACT24? Then have a look at our pdf document.

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