How do I create an activatable alarm in five steps?

Important note about the steps explained below :

After completing your data modifications, run a data export (icon at top right). Only when data export is completed will your data be available on the alarm servers for use in alarm activation. 


  1. Open the menu of your FACT24 account and click Enterprise > Devices at the top. Click on the device you wish to add, e.g. "New telephone device".
  2. Enter a name for the telephone device in the "Name" field, e.g. "Company Landline".

> Now add a further device to improve reachability. To do this, repeat the instructions above.

We recommend assigning a minimum of two devices per person. In an emergency, persons may need to be contacted on the move. Given this, we recommend creating an SMS device and/or an F24 push notification device (for users of the TrustCase app). The TrustCase app is available in editions FACT24 ENS advanced and FACT24 CIM starter.


  1. At the top of the menu navigation, go to Administration > Persons and click "New person".
  2. In Basic configurations, enter the first and last name of the person.
  3. To assign devices to this person, click "Devices" (step 3): Click "Assign" and select the required previously created devices. Confirm your choice by clicking "Assign".
  4. In the field "Telephone number/E-mail" enter the person’s e-mail address or telephone number.

> Repeat this step to create further persons.

Use the Duplicate function to create multiple persons with the same devices in the same sequence. After creating a person, go to your person overview list. In the row for the person whose data principle you wish to copy, click the pen icon. Select “Duplicate”. 

Now change the name in “Basic configurations” and the telephone number or e-mail address in “Devices”. 


  1. At the top of the menu navigation, go to Administration > Groups and click "New static group".
  2. In Basic configurations, enter a unique name for your group.
  3. Go to the next item in the navigation bar: "Persons". Click "Assign" and select the persons you have previously created.


  1. At the top of the menu navigation, go to Administration > Messages and click "New message".
  2. In the "Name" field, enter a unique name for the new message, e.g. Fire Main Building.
  3. Now enter a message text (or various texts) for voice message, SMS, e-mail etc. These messages will be sent in the event of an alarm.


  1. At the top of the menu navigation, go to Administration > Alarms and click "New alarm".
  2. In Basic configuration, enter a name for the alarm.
  3. Assign the desired "Message" to the alarm. To do this, click "Assign" and double-click to select the message you have created. Click "Assign" to confirm your selection.
  4. The default confirmation selected in the “Prompt confirmation” tab is "Travel time/Telephone conference".
    If you require a different confirmation type, click “Change confirmation”. You can then create a confirmation or assign an existing confirmation.
  5. Now add "Groups" to your alarm. To do this, click "Assign" and select the group you have previously created.
  6. You can optionally assign a report device to this alarm in the final step. If you have not yet created a report device, you can do so under Setup -> Report devices.
Please note that only groups can be assigned to an alarm, not individual persons.

Go to Operating -Activation to activate the alarm you have created!

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