What are Collaboration Dashboards (former F24 Crisis Management Tool)?

The web interface Collaboration Dashboards is a real-time information tool.

The clearly structured tool provides support, particularly in situations where

  • rapid action,
  • decision-making and
  • smooth execution of specific processes

are of paramount importance.

You can use the tool to perform actions such as activating the alarms you have saved in FACT24 and tracking alarm progress in real time. In addition, the tool provides a simultaneous overview of multiple key areas and their progress, and allows you to intervene where necessary.

The tool’s components – known as “widgets” – are displayed on your dashboard in individual windows. They include your saved alarms in FACT24, the Online Monitor, your contacts, and your rooms for direct person-to-person communication.


Activate and monitor stored alarm scenarios

Communicate using end-to-end encryption. This also applies to TrustCase, F24’s business messenger app

Work together virtually and share files, documents and text messages

Create and assign tasks, including custom response options and file attachments

Integrate external information sources

View a multimedia log including all room-based messages, tasks and documents

Configure and save custom dashboards with an array of alerting and crisis management widgets

Activate location-based alarms

Available languages:
The web interface Collaboration Dashboards is available in 11 languages. To change the language, click the globe icon on the right and select your preferred language.

Fig.: different languages

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