New Functions and Improvements through FACT24 ENS Release

Register a CIM incident when activating an Alarm

Alarm configuration already included the option to register an incident in CIM, but it was not possible to set the mandatory parameters Type, Potential and Phase.

Now, it is possible to fully preconfigure an Alarm to register an incident in CIM, including the Incident Type, Potential and Phase.

This is supported if the alarm is activated via ENS web application (including graphical activation), F24 Alert! App, Collaboration Dashboards or the REST or SOAP API. It is not supported for Quickstarts via telephone, fax, email, follow-up alarm or VDS.

Screen: Alarm configuration

Configuration Upload performance

Configuration Upload will complete more quickly and fewer issues should occur with large datasets

Qualification-based groups with "1st notification run"

Resolved issue which could cause delayed notifications when using the feature “1st notification run”

Online Monitor in Alert! App and CDB

Resolve issue which caused Online Monitor in Alert! App and Collaboration Dashboard to be empty when the Alarm included 100 Persons or more

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