What’s special about the TrustCase app?

TrustCase is a business messenger app that focuses on secure corporate communication. All messages from sender to recipient are end-to-end encrypted. Message contents cannot be read by any intermediate components such as networks and servers.

The app’s architecture is designed to avoid generation of unnecessary metadata (metadata are data at a higher level of abstraction in comparison to the ‘real facts’).

TrustCase is an effective and easy way to coordinate team collaboration. Tasks can be quickly created and assigned. The current status of task processing can be tracked in an overview.

With the help of the FACT24 "TrustBroker" functionality, trusted contacts can be passed on quickly and easily to other TrustCase users, colleagues, etc. This is especially helpful with a large number of contacts. For each corporation, a TrustCircle can be created in FACT24 and filled in with corresponding contacts. The TrustBroker guarantees the identities of its contacts. This way, colleagues' TrustCase address books can be quickly and easily enriched with trusted contacts and cooperation can begin immediately.

The TrustBroker feature is available with the FACT24 edition CIM starter.

Contacts in the TrustCase app are classified in different TrustLevels and identified with appropriate icons, allowing users to see at a glance whether a contact is trustworthy. The individual TrustLevels are described in detail in the Contacts section.

Where can I find the FAQ page for F24 Messenger TrustCase?

Relevant content from the old FAQ page for the F24 Messenger TrustCase will gradually be transferred to the new FACT24 Help Portal.

In the interim, you can find the content in this link: FAQ page for TrustCase.

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