The FACT24 CIM roles

The FACT24 role concept allows the assigment of rights according to the responsibilities of users. With FACT24 CIM the existing 17 roles in FACT24 ENS will be extended by three new CIM roles:

  • 18. CIM Administrator
  • 19. CIM Crisis Management Team
  • 20. CIM Crisis Staff

Role administration is still possible in your FACT24 ENS account, i.e. new CIM roles are also assigned via the FACT24 ENS administration interface.

Please note our modified access authorisation for FACT24 CIM:

In future, an ENS Principal will again only have authorisation for FACT24 ENS and no longer for FACT24 CIM. This means for the access to FACT24 CIM it is necessary to to assign the corresponding CIM role(s) to the users.

If there is only one Principal, it is necessary that another user grant him the FACT24 CIM rights. Should you require assistance, please contact your F24 contact person or our customer support.

This is possible in FACT24 under: "Setup" > "Users" > "Edit Users" > "Assignment of roles". Click on "Assign" to select the relevant CIM role and assign it to the user.

Fig: Assignment of the three CIM roles

The CIM roles at a glance

CIM starter roles:

18. CIM Administrator

The CIM Administrator defines all incident-related information, such as the incident type, incident potential and severity. In addition, the CIM Administrator has the following authorisations:

  • The creation, editing and maintenance of Action Cards
  • Responsible for the report and status meetings templates
  • Management of the emergency plans in the file archive
  • The creation and management of phases
  • Managing and assigning the crisis management positions

19. CIM Crisis Management Team

The CIM Crisis Management Team is mainly responsible for crisis handling. The Crisis Management Team uses the pre-defined Action Cards as guidelines for appropriate measures to be taken and has the following rights and obligations:

  • Filling out the status report and status meetings
  • Ability to assign tasks to others
  • Creating and editing log entries

20. CIM Crisis Staff

The CIM Crisis Staff support the Crisis Management Team in crisis handling by carrying out the assigned tasks. In addition, the Crisis Employees also have read permissions for the following:

  • Incident details
  • Status report and Status Meetings
  • Running Log

Fig: FACT24 CIM roles

To be prepared for any crisis situation, it is essential to assign roles and the corresponding obligations. This clarifies: "WHO is responsible for WHAT, and WHEN."

After completing your data modifications, please carry out a data export (symbol top right).

Would you like to learn more about FACT24 CIM starter? Then click here.

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