New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App

New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App

We are happy to announce improvements in our core functionalities with the following new features concerning FACT24 app via release 3.0.0 . To provide you with a better overview we have set up this article to give you a detailed description of the updates with screenshots:

Users will find the new alerting functions on clicking the bell icon on the menu bar.

  1. List of Alarms – Monitor Running Alarms

Users will be able to see the entire list of alarms. Additionally, it will also be possible to monitor all the running or active alarms in org unit.

  1. Search and Choose Your Alarm

A search functionality will be available in the app now. With the search functionality, users will be able to search for any specific alarm. They can then choose and activate any specific alarm according to their requirement.

  1. Guided Activation Process for Alarms

With the guided activation feature, users will be able to use pre-sets or change pre-sets. Furthermore, it also be possible to search for and add new contacts (single or groups) as target recipients of the alarm. Users will also be able to choose and/or edit the alarm message in addition to choosing the device on which the alert will be received.

  1. Alarm Monitor

Users will be able to monitor the status of running alarms with this new release. They will also be able to see a detailed overview of individual responses to understand and monitor current status of alerting. Whenever required, users can also stop any running alarms on the app directly.

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