New functions through FACT24 CIM release V.23.01

We are happy to announce improvements with the following new features concerning FACT24 CIM. To provide you with a better overview, we have set up this article to give you a detailed description of the updates with screenshots. These functionalities will be available to you from 30th March 23 on.

  1. Design: Updated home workspace
    We have updated the home workspace with more information. It is now possible to see entries filtered on tasks, actions, messages and media requests. It is also possible to use a filter (time period) to see activity within a specific time period.

  1. Export: New format when exporting
    We have replaced export to .docx from .doc all places where we export to Word (reports, log). Both .doc and .docx are file formats used by Microsoft Word, but .docx offers several advantages over the older .doc format.
    .docx files are generally smaller in size than .doc files, which makes them easier to share and store.
    .docx offers better compatibility with other software and devices, as it is based on an open standard format called XML.

  1. Predefined Action Cards: Delete drafts
    It is now possible to delete drafts. This was previously not possible if you had an approved version created after draft.

  1. Log: Access controlled log templates
    It is now possible to access control the log templates. You can now define which of the CIM roles that are allowed to use the specific template.
  1. Risk ISO 31000: Assign measures as tasks
    It is possible to further handle all measures within an analysis by assigning a measure as a task from 23.01. With this feature it is easier to assign responsibility to other parts of the enterprise.

  1. Tasks: New filter for cancelled tasks 
    Cancelled tasks can now be shown in a separate filter.

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