Why does FACT24 display a warning in cases where only one device is assigned?

The plausibility check function was expanded in the FACT24 2.19.0 release. The service now displays a warning if e.g. an alarm is sent to a group including persons to whom less than one device has been assigned.

From FACT24 Release (from 29 February 2020) onwards, a warning will continue to be displayed in the case of persons to whom only one device is assigned. However, this will only be displayed at person level and no longer at alarm and group level. If this limitation of devices is saved at alarm level ("all devices" -> "No"), a warning will continue to be displayed at this level.

We want FACT24 to provide you with optimum support in notifications, alarms and crisis management. Security and reliability are paramount in this. We therefore recommend as a general rule that a minimum of two devices are assigned to each person alerted in an alarm. This increases the probability of successful contact, particularly in the case of serious incidents.

If only one device is assigned or if the person can only access one device due to device limitation, the “Plausibility: Warnings” information box displays a warning.

Fig.: Plausibility check: person to whom only one device is assigned

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