New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App - Overview

We are happy to announce improvements in our core functionalities with the following new features concerning FACT24 app via release 3.0.0 . To provide you with a better overview we have set up this article to give you a detailed description of the updates with screenshots:

New Alerting function is accessible via the new bell icon in the bottom row.

Fig: New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App

When pressing the button you see the screen above.

On the upper right corner you see the org-unit the user is currently logged in to. Pressing on this area will show the list of available org-units to choose from.

The tab “Alarms” shows the list of alarms within the org-unit.

The tab “Online Monitor”  shows the currently running alarms.

Starting an Alarm

Fig: New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App

When choosing an Alarm to start, the starting process begins with choosing the group to add to the alarm. The preset group is already checked. Additional groups can be added.

“Persons” shows the list of persons either preset via groups or provides the option to (de)select persons.

The section “Messages” show the preset message, or if variable message is used, provides the option to add a variable part.

By pressing “Activate” the alarm with the given setup will start.

Online Monitor

The Online Monitor shows the currently running alarms and the alarm history.

Fig: New Alerting Functions on the FACT24 App

Choosing the alarm shows the status page. The page shows the current overall status of the alarm.

The small arrow on the side of teh alarm name shows or hides the details of when the alarm has bee started by whom and how long the alarm is valid.

In “Responses” you can see the details, who has responded in what way.

While the alarm is still running it can be stopped by pressing “Stop” at the bottom of the screen.

Case Manager on mobile - overview

With our release, version 2.0.0, communication within the crisis team can directly take place in the FACT24 App, while on the move. Important information about an incident can be quickly exchanged in the Case Manager on mobile.

Fig: Case Manager in the FACT24 App

Home Page in the App

Fig: Home Page in the FACT24 App

Creating a new case in the Case Manager mobile

Go to the „case“ icon at the bottom menu.

  • In this view you can easily see all the open cases as a list, where you are a participant. You can either go to an already open case or create a new one.
  • Via click on the „plus“ icon it is possible to create a new case (possible with CIM role 18-22).
  • You have the possibility to connect the case to the current selected incident.
  • With „Log Case Automatically“ the case is automatically logged in the Running Log.
  • By clicking „Add participants“ other users can be added to the case. Those users get the invite via e-mail.

Fig: Case Manager mobile

Case Manager on mobile – chatting in the case manager
  • After the case creation, you are directly in the created case, where you can start the chat.
  • You have also the possibility to add participants after the case creation, by clicking on the person symbol at the top right-hand corner. Also, external persons can also be invited - they receive an invitation by e-mail.
  • Messages within a case can be assigned a category before being sent out with the click on „choose“.
  • It is also possible to add an attachment when sending out the messages.
  • To see the other cases you can click on the menu icon at the top right-hand corner, there you can also see some relevant information about the cases, like created by, creation time and so on.

Outlook and Notes

Push service is planned for 2022 so that users are informed when there is something new in the Case Manager.

We are making this News page available to you with the release, version 1.1.0 so that in the future we can inform you directly about new functionalities of the FACT24 app.

As soon as we update the News page with new information, a red notification dot appears in the app menu, so that you can see that the News page contains new information.

Fig: Home Page of the FACT24 App

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